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Dictionary Definitions from TheBotBeyondTheBrainz’ Brain


bikepacking/bʌɪk -ˈpakɪŋ/noun

noun: bikepacking

verb: bikepacking

adjective: bikepack-ey

  1. Traveling across a route with a bicycle. Terrain may vary. Gear may vary. Bike type may vary.
    • mirrors its older sibling “backpacking” in all ways except travel mode, and gear carrying mode
    • allowing the traveler to be faster, carry heavier gear and keep their feet off the ground (ideally)

So you want to be a bikepacker?!

A few of you reached out to me with questions about bikepacking. And if that’s the kind of questions you are brave enough to pester me with, strap yourself in for the wild ride that is my FULL AND WAY TOO ELABORATE SUPPORT.

I wouldn’t mind if we all turned into bike packers: it’s an environmentally friendly way to travel, and also packs the essence of life into a single trip – LOADS of ups and downs.

So here, I’ll answer your questions on bikepacking: The How (not) To’s, the Whys and the Weird.

Get started on your bikepacking tour:

If you would like to see any and all comments other experienced bikepackers have made on these lists, check out my Instagram account, find the respective posts, and check out the comments section.