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Riding Solo – An Introduction

“What happens when you mix together a recent heartbreak, a ridiculous craving for physical exertion, a pinch of bravery, a bucket of naivety, and an incredibly loyal bicycle? What you get is a recipe for near-death experiences, and for discovering humanity where you least expect it.”

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After a lifetime of being told who and how to be, Annie reaches her breaking point at the end of yet another relationship. Overcome by a sudden urge to flee a life she’s finally had enough of, she jumps on her bicycle in Berlin and rides off to a place she’d never even heard of before: The northernmost point of the European mainland, the Nordkapp.

The journey takes her through the Scandinavian wilderness, the birch-treed tundra and onto highways she probably shouldn’t be cycling on in the first place. It also takes her into the homes of strangers kind enough to listen to her story, and share their own: A couple living alone on a farm in the woods, divorced once and married twice to one another; an old man who dreams of mountains and wishes he’d never left them; and an ex-Poker player who swore off poker the moment he could have gone professional to name a few.

As she makes her way North, she begins to realize what had brought her on to this journey to begin with: To understand who we can be, when no one tells us who we are.

And that nothing can stop a woman refusing to be held back.

“A little naivety is what you need for a great bad idea”

What Readers Have Said