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What’s an adventure without a team? Yeah. Just dvnur. Doesn’t make sense, right? That’s why these crazy film pirates are coming along to shoot one heck of a fast-paced (well… we’ll see about that) documentary film. Pleased to meet you…

Roy Fochtmann




“Jo” Jüterbock


Max Blaß


Johanna Reger


Here’s what they’ll be up to in their words:

Our challenge as a film team is to react flexibly to Annie’s changing means of transportation during the tour to be able to accompany her on film in every situation. Depending on what the moment requires, the camera team will film the protagonist either from a cargo bike or from a small motorboat.

In the first phase of the journey we will be using a van to transport our boat/cargo bike. In the second phase (after approx. 360km), in which Annie is currently considering to switch to kayaking for the rest of the Elbe (depending on her progress with the packraft) we will give up our van and use a climate-friendly cargo bike to transport luggage while we are filming from the motorboat. Meanwhile, our cargo bike driver takes care of charging our batteries and planning further logistics.