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Chasing Currents – The Basics


First there was the swim… and the there was a bikerafting tour. Both are #ChasingCurrents – one the OLD plan, the other the NEW. Ah yes, there is nothing as inevitable as the onslaught of change an entropy. For posterity, and perhaps for someone else who would like to swim the same section, I will leave the information on the old adventure idea here, too. Enjoy!

After cycling to the Nordkapp, running across Germany there’s only one athletic discipline missing for me to fully understand what this “Triathlon-ing” life is all about: water. And what better place to get to know water in a long-distance adventure kind of way than a river?

I’m going to BIKERAFT 💥1090KM of the entire river Elbe💥 from source to sea this summer! Here are the basics:

🐌 Daily Distance: at least 42KM a day!

🐌 Total Duration: 3 weeks, starting from Berlin on the 15.07 and ending in Cuxhaven on the 07.08.2022.

🐌 Expedition style: as always self-supported, with a minimal carbon footprint! I’m carrying my own sleeping gear, and will resupply in grocery stores along the way.

🐌 EXTRA: I’m going to have some stalkers on this trip… #ChasingCurrents is being captured by a documentary film crew! Attentive readers of #FromLowestToHighest may even recognize one of the members….

Download the GPX track of the entire route: HERE!

Here we go again! 💥🐌💥

The NEW Route

Oh yeah – we’re doing the WHOLE river now. 1090KM from the source, where the Elbe begins as a tiny trickle in the Giant Mountains, all the way to Cuxhaven, to the sea.

Begin Reading: The NEW Route

Where’s Annie?

Do you want to wave at a bikerafter from a bridge? Paddle or swim along? Then it might be of use to know when we’ll be where….
Find out where you can find Annie when on the about the daily stages: HERE.

Begin Reading: Where’s Annie ?

The Film

So many firsts – and here’s another: #ChasingCurrents will be the first adventure to be captured from prep to start and past the finish line for a documentary adventure film.

Begin reading: The Film

The OLD Route

When it was still planned as a SWIM: Every adventure needs a start and a finish. The river Elbe begins as a tiny trickle in the Giant Mountains before turning into the “Blue Ribbon” (Blaues Band) that connects Germany from East to West. But where does the SWIM start and end? Find out: HERE.

Begin Reading: The OLD Route

The Why

Moving back to Germany after growing up in the US, no place felt like home – except one spot next to the river Elbe. Will swimming 630KM be able to bridge the gap between who I once was – and who I’ve become?

Begin Reading: The Why

Read the Stories

What good would an adventure be if it came without a story? Well, in my mind – not the best. We’re currently in the prep and training phase, so head on over to “Chasing Currents: The Prologue”!

Begin reading: The Prologue