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Bikerafting (Packraft + bike)

Definitions from TheBotBeyondTheBrainz’ Brain


bikerafting/bʌɪk -/ˈrɑːftɪŋ//noun

noun: bikerafting

verb: bikerafting

adjective: bikeraft-ey

  1. Traveling across a (wet) water-based route with a bicycle strapped to a packraft. Terrain may be a river, lake, stream or even ocean (if you’re brave/naive). Gear may vary. Bike type may vary.
  2. Most commonly seen in long-distance traveler communities. Allows for the traveler to move across vast swaths of land, and even cross water, even if there is no bridge in sight. “Into The Wild” would have had a significantly less tragic (and presumably less well-known end) if only a packraft (and maybe even bike) had been involved.
    • mirrors its older sibling “backpacking” in all ways except travel mode, and gear carrying mode. So almost in every way.
    • allows the traveler to move along water, carry gear and bike across water and keep their feet dry (ideally)

So you want to be a bikerafter?!

A few of you reached out to me with questions about bikerafting. And if that’s the kind of questions you are brave enough to pester me with, strap yourself in for the wild ride that is my FULL AND WAY TOO ELABORATE SUPPORT.

I wouldn’t mind if we all turned into bikerafters: it’s an environmentally friendly way to travel, and also packs the essence of life into a single trip – LOADS of ups and downs.

So here, I’ll answer your questions on bikerafting: The How (not) To’s, the Whys and the Weird.

There are many parts that have to come together to make a machine like a truly Great Bad Idea hum. This is what will help you get started!

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