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Adventure Stories by TheBotBeyondTheBrainz….

… are fuelled by a regular day-job as a scientist and excessive amounts of coffee. If you would like to support me, you would make my day by inviting me out for a cuppa. That’s where Kofi comes in! allows artists, writer, content creators of any shape and form to be supported through the purchase of a single coffee. (Or two. I won’t judge, just drink more coffee. 😉 ) I first discovered through one of my favorite artists: Birdstrips (it’s comics about birds, what more do you need in life).

If you enjoy my stories, and would like to fuel my brain to churn out more, then you’d make my day if you’d:

Brand Assets
You’re the best!!!

Another thing that always helps is to ask your favorite outdoor podcast hosts if they wouldn’t like to feature Adventure Stories by TheBotBeyondTheBrainz. Sneaky, I know!

Thank you so much for your love and energy – it’s what helps me keep this adventure writing going! 🙂

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