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From Lowest To Highest – An Introduction

I’ve been keeping this a poorly kept secret for long enough, and it’s time to make it official:

I’m going to run from 💥The Lowest To The Highest Point Of Germany💥. Here are the basics:

🐌 Total Distance: 1000km, starting at a literal hole in the ground in Schleswig-Holstein (the northernmost state of Germany).

🐌 Total Duration: 4 weeks (3 weeks running, 7 rest days that I can spend and splurge on as I feel like)

🐌 Daily Distance: 40-60km

🐌 Forms of movement: running, death shuffling and power hiking. Let’s see if I can do this one without my beloved Vitamin T(rain).

🐌 Expedition style: self-supported. I’m carrying my own sleeping gear, and will resupply in grocery stores along my way.

So that’s the basics. More information will follow soon…..

Here we go again! 💥🐌💥