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Inspiration for your great bad ideas

Adventure Stories

Riding Solo

After a lifetime of being told who and how to be, I’ve had it. And this is what came out of it: a 3000KM bike ride to a place I’d never even heard of before: The northernmost point of the European mainland, the Nordkapp.

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Lowest To Highest

What happens when a lockdown, a book on “How To Run A Marathon in 20 Weeks” and a desperate need for adventure collide? A 1000KM ultramarathon From The Lowest To The Highest point of Germany.

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Chasing Currents

I had planned to swim 630KM of the river Elbe. But everything changed one afternoon in April, and the idea to bikeraft 1090KM of the full river was born. From start to finish, #ChasingCurrents has been my toughest adventure yet.

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Short Stories

Some adventure stories have book-length.. and then there are The Short Stories.
Read on to find a collection of stories not longer than a week’s worth of the adventure life.

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So You Have A Great Bad Idea?

How To Begin …


Logistics – More soon
Training – more soon


Want to learn more?


This website has one goal:

To inspire you to go for your very own Great Bad Ideas.

When I set out on my first adventure to the Nordkapp, I was not only naively unprepared – but also absolutely oblivious to the things my mind and body are capable of. What I learned was that I was so much stronger than I would have ever believed before the trip – and so are you.
This website aims to give you the inspiration, tools and support you need to set your own Great Bad Ideas in motion.

Let’s get excited about Great Bad Ideas together.

Because why the heck not.


I am an adventure writer, scientist and comic artist – not necessarily in that order. Follow me on social media to see which of the three I’m currently doing most.

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