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Dictionary Definitions from TheBotBeyondTheBrainz’ Brain


also known as “Swimcamping”
swimpacking/swɪm -ˈpakɪŋ/noun

noun: swimpacking

verb: swimpacking

adjective: swimpack-ey

  1. Traveling across a very, very wet route by swimming. Water coloration, salinity, current speed, temperature and overal conditions may vary. Swim gear may vary.
    • mirrors its older sibling “backpacking” in all ways except travel mode, and gear carrying mode
    • allowing the traveler to move across water (though not like Jesus did), carry gear in water and keep their feet wet
    • gear is most often inside a dry bag, a small raft, or on-board of an accompanying boat

So you want to be a swimpacker?!

Good for you. Unfortunately, I am still testing gear, nutrition and training plans. Please come back once I am smarter, stronger and able to share my collected knowledge with you.

Get started on your swimpacking tour: