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“The wildest virtual endurance race you’ve never heard of!”

~ @Natetureruns (Crowned King Snail of the 3rd Edition)

What IS the King Snail Race?

King Snail Race is a week-long endurance race in which the goal is simply to rack up as many KM as you can. Whoever collects the most KM in a single week wins. The pace doesn’t matter.

Hence, our mascot: The Snail.

Why Snails?

Snails never seem to be going anywhere particularily quickly – but have you ever really seen a snail approach you? No. Suddenly, there’s just there. They’re persistent little critters, and if they are coming for your garden lettuce, they WILL make it to your garden lettuce. The fact that their pace is slow does not stop them.

The perfect mascot for an endurance race.

Find out here how you can become King Snail Race race director: