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Publishing a book is an expedition

“It was easier to ski unsupported, unassisted to the South Pole than publish my book,” @chriscfagan

…(adventure writer, and Guinness World Record holder for being one half of the fastest married duo to ski without guide, resupply or other assistance to the South Pole) tells me with a grin.

I’d gotten in touch with her after days of applying to literary agents and hearing nothing but the sound of deafening silence from my inbox. “How the heck does anyone ever get a book out?!” In an act of desperation, I reached out to @shelbystanger, asking her on book publishing advice, as many of the guests on her podcasts are published adventure writer themselves. And I mention that I loved Chris Fagan’s episode on the podcast (so touching and honest that it made me cry in the lab when I listened to it while conducting experiments).

“Why don’t you reach out to Chris and ask her for advice?” Shelby replied. “Just ask for help! If you ask enough people, you might just find what you’re looking for.”

After another few days of deafening silence from my inbox, I follow her advice.

And hear one single “Ping!” coming from my inbox a day later.

Writing a book is a lot like planning, executing and completing an adventure. It’s an endurance project, each “I don’t think your book and our agency is the right fit,” not an end, just another flat tire to deal with. You dust yourself off, and keep on keeping on.

But there’s another thing I’ve found in common between the two: the people I meet along the way. From my readers (who are delightful, funny, and wonderfully weird), to other writers generous enough to share their insights with a newbie. As tough as it is some days, I genuinely love this adventure (….mostly).

So here’s the deal: I’ll write a #BookProjectUpdate once a week so 1) you know how much longer you’ll have to wait for your copy of “Riding Solo” and 2) we can all enjoy the absurdity that is the publication process. After all, I’ve let you in on all my adventures so far.

It would be a shame if I didn’t let you in on this one, no? 😉

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