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Welcome to the Adventure Stories Collection!

I write my stories as my adventures/expedition happen on my Instagram account. That works well as the adventure are actively going on – but not so well when new readers want to enjoy the older adventure stories without having to swipe through dozens of new posts.

So here’s a story format I hope you’ll enjoy: the good ol’ click-through. Simply click the button below, and come along with me as I cycle 3000KM to the Nordkapp to get over a guy (“Riding Solo”) or as I run 1000KM through Germany, simply to understand what the limits of human endurance truly are (“From Lowest To Highest”).

Both stories will hopefully one day exist in their illustrated, extended version as books. If you enjoy my writing, you can support me by signing up to pre-order the books once I have snagged a publisher (work in progress) or by following me on Instagram.

And with that, let’s begin!

Riding Solo

After a lifetime of being told who and how to be, I’ve had it. And this is what came out of it: a 3000KM bike ride to a place I’d never even heard of before: The northernmost point of the European mainland, the Nordkapp.

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Lowest To Highest

What happens when a lockdown, a book on “How To Run A Marathon in 20 Weeks” and a desperate need for adventure collide? A 1000KM ultramarathon From The Lowest To The Highest point of Germany.

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