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Congratulations! You’ve made the wise decision to invest in Your Future Love (all other loves aside). But though you know you want it to have two wheels and a frame – you don’t know much more than that. But just like with any relationship – you’re bound to find something that fits well, as long as you know what you want.

To find out what you really need, don’t ask yourself what your type of bike is. Ask yourself:

What type of (bike-)adventurer are you?

Type 1: Slow and steady

Trekkies are my personal favourite. They forgive heavy loads, the frame as sturdy as the day you laid eyes upon it. You (probably) won’t break new PBs on a daily basis. But a trusty Trekkie is going to get you where you’re going.

Type 2: “I know a shortcut”

You’re always on the run, I mean ride. You gotta hit the speed limits, the police has to be chasing you – into the woods if need be. If that sounds like you, go gravel. They might not pack as much as a Trekkie. But they WILL get you where you’re going, and fast. Just don’t bring too much crap. I’ve never heard of a Trekkie frame breaking mid-tour, but I have heard of gravel bikes finding their end on one (usually at a section miles away from the closest Bail Station.)


What are you even doing here. You’re a road cyclist, not a bikepacker. Book yourself a hostel at the end of your route, feast on gas station food till you get there and crank out the most ridiculous paces I’ve ever seen. Be free (of superfluous weight.) Be fast. Be furious at having been roasted. 🔥🤖🔥

So. Which type of Pokemo-, I mean, adventure bike do you choose?

PS: This is just an excerpt of the gazillion possibilities out there. If you want to read about any other bike type recommendations, check out what other bikepackers have said on my Instagram post!

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