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A Letter To Climbing

It’s been a while seen we last hung out, but I wanted you to know that I haven’t forgotten you, Climbing.

The hangboard I put up last spring hasn’t been used quite as frequently as I thought it would. Perhaps you’ve seen me jump on my bike more often than not, and wondered when I’d get back to the vertical… only to see me write about #VertsNotReal, and going running instead. Or swimming. I guess seeing me desert you for others hurts, no matter what discipline I choose.

But I haven’t forgotten. And while I may be spending more time in the horizontal plane (Naps. You get me.) than in the vertical these days, I can make you one promise:

I’ll be back. 💛

PS: I HAVE GOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THAT THING I’VE GOT PLANNED. I mean, seriously. It’s a bit nuts, but I’m so stoked. It’s literally the only thing that gives me motivation to keep pushing somedays. It even got me to get back (a little bit) into hangboard training. Let me TELL you, you prepared me for it in such a big way, but-

Ah darn it, I gotta run. (Not literally, just figuratively this time.) Next time, pinky promise. 😉💛

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