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A Regular Day … “BOT”-Style

If any of you ever thought of me as someone who has their sh*t together, strap in for a ride into “A Day BOT-STYLE”. Like TODAY.

My alarm goes off at 7.30AM. I have to go into the lab. Yes, I know today’s a holiday. No, my science doesn’t give a darn about that. But 7.30AM is pretty chill, compared to the 5.30AM starts I’ve been having lately in order to fit in #KingSnailRace updates in before work. I smirk at the successfully implemented revolution, then head off. On my bike. As always.

Outside, it ain’t raining. It’s pouring. And for once (!) I have neither waterproof jacket nor waterproof pants with me.

To say I reach the lab drenched is an understatement. Had I stayed in the rain a minute longer, I would have grown gills. I am AQUAWOMAN. I turn a pocket inside out and watch the Niagara Falls gush out. I follow a lab mouse kayaking down the waterfall stream into our changing room.

Problem: I have absolutely nothing dry to change into.

Solution: “Hey, so I absolutely drowned on my way to work and I am literally half-naked in the lab with just a lab coat to wear. Can I borrow the sweater on your desk while my clothes dry???”

I must be such a fun(ny) colleague to have. Ha. Ha. Much funny.

“Sure, take whatever you need!”

My colleagues are saints. I finally start my experiment, in borrowed clothes, looking JUST A LITTLE out of sorts. But it’s a holiday, no one’s here, so who cares.

The experiment starts and I walk out of the lab to get-


Peering through the glass door I see my keys, wallet and phone on the lab bench. Because that is just the kind of day I’m having.


Keep in mind: I run experiments in a room that only half a dozen people have access to. Not that it matters. IT’S A HOLIDAY AND NO ONE IS FRIGGING HERE ANYWAY.

I rush through the institute, trying to find someone, ANYONE, with room access.

After an hour of searching, I succeed.

I wish I could say I’m fine at adulting. But let’s face it: the only reason I’m still alive is a world full of Mamas and Papas.

Happy Father’s Day, y’all.

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