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Time To Take A Rest: #KingSnailRace

King Snail Race started out simple:

A fun challenge between three people (@bwnnband, @t_n_kohler and me), who’d just boarded the Garmin “I-got-a-new-toy” – Train and wanted to test out the “Challenge your friends” option.

Then a few more peeps jumped on board. We got ourselves a mascot (King Snail). Weirdly, everyone seemed happy to refer to themselves as snails, and chug down Fanta as if it brought eternal life.

We went wild together. We cracked out Ultras (@born_to_be_wildt still claiming the longest consecutive run that’s been sent in ever at ~90K) like nobody’s business. We got newbie snails like @prokres and @danjenke to join in on their first races. @theboywithnodestination snagged an official FKT with “In Ringbahn We Trust”, and @natetureruns and @annihabub crushed over 200K total in a (regular working, mind you!!!) week.

You snails joined from Germany, UK, US, New Zealand, Greece, Russia, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Slovenia (when @yamilvidal_arg kept sending in runs that danced right on the border), Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and I pray to all Saintly Snails that I haven’t forgotten anyone’s country (if so, please mention it in the comments!) We had OVER 60 snails join in total!

I can’t mention all of you (I’d probably break some sort of tag-limit ), but I want you to know: you (s)nailed it. Here’s the final score:

Dec: 799KM
Jan: 1820KM
Feb: Pull-Ups
Mar: 953KM + 336KM
Apr: 1464KM
May: 1350KM

“Maxi, Timo – I challenge you to a run-off!” I never thought that shout-out would grow into something so big. On my end, the race required 2hrs each day collecting your KMs, asking how you were (my favorite part), creating and posting the graphic – totaling around 14hrs per race week.

And so, as the lockdown is slowly lifted here in Germany, it’s time for me to take a break from #KingSnailRace. It’s been an honor to have you join. May you carry your shells and crowns with pride, and this little community of snails live on.

As for me….

I have an expedition to train for. 😉

But if YOU want to become a #KingSnailRace Director, here’s everything you need!

–> CLICK HERE for graphics, Excelsheet templates and a Step-by-Step guidance to help you get your own race started!

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