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#FromLowestToHighest IS A VERIFIED FKT!

I AM SO FRIGGING STOKED TO SHARE THIS! #FromLowestToHighest got verified by @fastestknowntime as AN OFFICIAL ROUTE and I am the current FKT holder with 26days:3hrs:26min:57sec!!!

This means this route is now ready to be repeated, and all you need to do that is online. GPX files are ready for download and I am very curious to see who will try to best my time (and by how much)!

My run was classified as “Supported run”, so this is your chance to have a relatively fun time beating my time “simply” by upping your support game. No need to carry 10KG of gear and water! Just grab friends or family who owe you one (BIG FAVOR), and have them drive with you on the road, supporting you fully all the way. I’d say you can cut the run down to 10-13 days that way. 😜

So. The question is now:

Who’s nuts enough to try The Newest Big Adventure out there?

Another giant hug to everyone who supported this run along the way, first and foremost @theboywithnodestination and @2psiap for putting up with the 1000KM of training to get ready for this run. The other crazy adventurerers who inspired me to get out there in the first place (looking at you, @ben_cianchi and @jonathandoylemedia). And the ones who spontaneously kept me company: @querfeldberg and @its_makushi. You’re all frigging awesome, and I hope you know that!

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