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Gear List – For #FromLowestToHighest (Germany)

So YOU want to run 1000KM From Lowest To Highest through Germany – but don’t know what to pack? Well, aren’t you in for a treat: Here’s my gear list! It can be used for both “supported” and “self-supported” types of FKT (Fastest Known Time) attempts. Just make sure not to meet your friends till the run is over if you’re aiming for the category “self-supported”. 😅

To prepare for a longer trip, I use a very simple Excel spreadsheet layout to keep an overview of everything I need. There are two parts to a full list: The Base (equipment that goes on every expedition, no questions asked) and The Specific (gear that changes in accordance to your trip, for example, if you’re off on a run vs bike trip). This structure works like a charm for me – especially since I can copy and paste The Base into every trip I’m planning.

🌟The Specific list contains weight, retail price I found online (on occasion varied greatly from what I actually paid in the outdoor stores I frequent here in Berlin), and reviews. There are so many gear lists out there, I would recommend a quick google search before heading off to buy gear.

💥The Base list contains no weight or price details, as this is the collection I’ve built up over the years and have a good grip on. If you’re putting your base together for the first time, then I’d recommend to stick with the table layout I used for The Specific.

Gear is pricey. My mantra is: high quality costs, but it also lasts. If that is not in your budget though, you can always find cheaper alternatives. Unfortunately, my experience has been that most cheap gear doesn’t stand the test of time. I’ve learned to invest more now, rather than buy three editions of the same item later. Better for the environment, and better for my wallet in the long run. Alternatively, ask a friend to borrow their gear!

There ya have it, a gear list for a supported/self-supported summer FKT of #FromLowestToHighest!

LINK BELOW for downloadable google doc. 🥳

And read more about gear HERE.

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