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Tips to stay warm, healthy and safe on your cycling commute this fall/winter!

“Dang. Looks like someone took an involuntary shower.” The new PhD student’s desk is covered in wet pants, shoes, and gloves in an attempt to dry them. Berlin was rainy today – as all cyclist noticed.

My colleagues aren’t the only ones who’ve recently switched to cycling to work in an attempt to avoid the germy public transport during rush hour. I don’t blame anyone who has. I don’t enjoy smushing my body against those of strangers during rush-hour even in non-pandemic times. But the thing is that winter is coming, and with it not just colder temperatures, rainy weather – but also an increased likelihood of catching a cold.

We’re living through a pandemic, and we’ve got to make sure we keep ourselves and each other safe.

So let’s make sure you don’t get sick in the first place – at the very least not during your cycling commute to work.

🚲 to work this fall/winter:

1) Get yourself a rainproof jacket. Not just water-repellent. There is a difference – trust me on that one. Cheap works!

2) While you’re at it: GET YOURSELF SOME WATERPROOF PANTS to wear over your regular pants. Worth every penny.

3) If your visual system can live with a sensory overload, wear bright colors. Dark morning and evening hours are upon us, and you need to be seen. Additionally you can invest in some neon-colored gloves and commandeer traffic with your hand gestures like a conductor directs an orchestra. Be seen – stay safe!

4) Buffs are your best friend! Pull ‘em up to your eyes if it gets cold – that also helps avoid the wind from getting in, and you catching a cold.

5) Take along a change clothes at work, and definitely change into those if you’ve worked up a sweat.

Outdoor gear isn’t cheap. But a few of these items (like rain-proof jackets, gloves and scarves) can be found in second-hand stores (HUMANA for instance), though it’ll take time to find them. If you have items to share, let your cycling friends know! After all – we’re all in this together.

Stay safe and healthy out there! 🚲❤

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